Test your morph map [in Laravel]

First of all, I need to say that I am a sucker for moving files and classes around. App\Users\Group is much nicer than App\UserGroup, sorry.

If you have ever used Laravel’s morph map feature, you might know that it’s really easy to forget to update the morph map once you move a model to a different namespace.

For reference, what I mean when I’m talking about “morph map”, I’m referring to the mapping between a model class name and a string, which represents the model on the database level.

public function boot()
        'comments'    => \App\Comment::class,
        'users'       => \App\Users\User::class,
        'user_groups' => \App\Users\Group::class,

What I came up with

Naturally, at first I tried to overcomplicate things and I made a symfony/console-based tool to scan the project, find the model files, find the morph map and do the math.

The second (and final I think) attempt, resulted in a much simpler solution. I used the same approach but instead of putting it into a separate tool, I’ve placed it inside a PHPUnit test. This is what it looks like:


namespace Tests\Unit;

use App\Support\Utils;
use Tests\UnitTestCase;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\Relation;

class MorphMapTest extends UnitTestCase
    /** @test */
    public function it_includes_all_models()
        $models = Utils::classesIn(app_path())
            ->filter(function ($class) {
                return $class->isSubclassOf(Model::class);

        $map = collect(Relation::morphMap())

            'Morph map is missing these models: '.$models->diff($map)->implode(', ').'.'

            'Morph map contains these extra models: '.$map->diff($models)->implode(', ').'.'

How does this work?

The test gets a collection of models which live in the /app folder. Then it gets the morph map using Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\Relation::morphMap() call and coverts it into a collection.

Finally it compares the two collections and asserts that both diffs are empty. $model->diff($map) contains entries which are missing from the morph map. The inverse, $map->diff($models), contains entries which are present in the morph map but point to a model which does not exist.

Almost there. I have left out one very important thing.

How do you get the list of models?!

I’ve built a utility for this but it’s kind of hacky.


namespace App\Support;

use ReflectionClass;
use Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder;

class Utils
    public static function classesIn(string $path)
        foreach (Finder::create()->files()->in($path) as $file) {
            require_once $file->getPathname();

        return collect(get_declared_classes())
            ->map(function ($class) {
                return new ReflectionClass($class);
            ->reject(function ($class) {
                return $class->isAnonymous();
            ->filter(function ($class) use ($path) {
                return starts_with($class->getFileName(), $path);

Cool, right? The utility first requires all files within the /app folder. Then it gets the list of declared classes, filters it to non-anonymous ones which live in the /app folder. Hacky but works.

What do you think?

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